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Whenever you’re in need of affordable and reliable car towing, contact our Towing Service Stevens Point WI! We understand how important it is to get speedy and friendly towing services, whether you need them urgently or not. 

We provide different kinds of towing services for all kinds of vehicles, including boat towing, RV towing, and even towing your expensive showroom sports car. Schedule our professional tow truck drivers for our non-emergency tow service today. 

Blocked Driveway Towing

If someone is blocking your driveway on a city street, you can rely on us to remove the car with our auto towing services. But we can only tow the car once the police have ticketed the vehicle. If you have a blocked driveway in Stevens Point, WI, follow the steps below:

  1. Call the police and make a report.
  2. Give the police the vehicle location, license plate number, and make and model of the car.
  3. A policeman will ticket the vehicle. 
  4. After this, you can contact our car towing service to remove the vehicle.

As long as the vehicle is ticketed, we can provide this service at no cost to you. The driver of the vehicle will pay the towing fees and collect the vehicle. 

Junk Car Removal

Another towing service we provide is junk car removal, and you can contact us whenever you need this. Our expert tow truck drivers can remove junk cars and trucks from the premises that belong to you. Keep in mind that each car has to come with a valid car title before we can take it to the junkyard.

Before you schedule our auto-towing service for junk car removal, you should remove all your personal belongings. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Check all the storage compartments in your car, like the visor, glove box, trunk, and more, to remove things.
  • Take note of any useful parts that you can sell.
  • Ensure there is no more gasoline left in the tank.
  • Cancel the car insurance on the vehicle.
  • Remove the license plates and send them back to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Once you’re ready, call us for junk car removal today!

Contact Our Tow Service Today

If you’re in need of non-emergency towing services, you can rely on our Stevens Point tow service experts to meet your needs. We tow a wide range of vehicle types and provide different kinds of auto-towing services whenever you need them.

Simply schedule a time with our tow service, whether you want us to come immediately to remove a blocked car or prefer a time that is more convenient for you to tow your junk cars or transport your expensive cars.

We’ve got you covered anywhere in Stevens Point!